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My name is Marsel, a Graphic designer from Israel. I love design and anything related to art, I approach problems in a rational and pragmatic way, and seek the simplest and most functional solutions possible.



Dancing shoes project

I was asked to creat and design a new shoes brand, design the logo and creat a whole campaign

Jazz Festival project

A music festival in a style of my choice, matching logo and billboards design to publicize the festival

Chocolate brandig project

Choosing a target audience, thinking about the shape of the chocolate and designing an app to sell the product

shoes store brandig project

The design of a shoe store inspired by the singer “Lady Gaga”, the boxes, shop windows, and of course the logo

About Me

I am a media design engineering graduate, 2026, Ort Singlovsky College Tel Aviv. Specialist in logo design and projects for businesses, web and apps design, and more. I try to find the most effective and simple solutions for you so that together we can grow the business and bring it to success.
I’m 29 years old, from Nazareth.
i have real passion about any design, i take every project very serious and try to come up with the most modern and beautiful design.
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